Short URLS

Short URLS are Uniform Resource locators that are designed to be substantially shorter in length than the original URL but still providing a redirect to the original URL.

What differentiates our URL shortener with our competitors is that works hand in hand with our free domain names. This allows you to post URLS featuring your own brand or domain.

For example you could take an original URL such as and turn it into>.

In addition to being more aesthetically pleasing, short URLS are especially convenient when using instant messengers or new popular messaging technologies such as Twitter which severely limit the amount of characters that may be used in a message.

As a bonus feature, our technology allows you to track clicks and referring URL’s for each short URL on our system, thus giving you a very good overview of how many clicks any particular link has received. It also gives you the ability to track whether or not one of your links has been reposted somewhere else.

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